What Is Inspected

A quality home inspection by House 2 Home Inspection Services is a detailed, visual examination of all areas of the building that are accessible including the exterior, roof area, attics, basement, crawl space, garage and a room by room survey. The inspection covers hundreds of items too numerous to itemize, however, a partial list of major components and systems includes:

Siding & Roofing Roof Flashings Roof Penetrations Gutters/Leaders
Doors/Windows Exterior Grading Exterior Drainage Decks/Porches/Patios
Driveway/Walks Structure/Foundation Plumbing System Water Pressure
Water Penetration Water Leakage Sump Pump Interior Surfaces
Water Heater Stairways & Railings Electrical Service Electrical Panels
Electrical Wiring Electrical Devices Heating System AC System
Ductwork Radiation Chimneys Fireplaces

House 2 Home Inspection Services is qualified to perform a wide range of real estate inspection services. We can also arrange for specialized inspection or testing services or refer you to a specialist. Optional services may include: Termite, Radon, Septic Systems, Pools, Lead Testing, Mold, Oil Tanks, Etc. As a full service provider, House 2 Home Inspection Services can usually arrange for all of your inspection needs with a single phone call.

You are encouraged to accompany the inspector, ask questions and obtain first hand information about the building's structure, mechanical systems, safety issues and maintenance requirements.